Circuito Mayan Expeditions III – 4 días 3 noches

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Explore en este viaje de 4 días y 3 noches  las ruinas Mayas de Tulum, Coba, Uxmal, Kabah, Chichen Itza y a 2 hermosas ciudades coloniales como Mérida e Izamal. Este viaje es muy especial ya que nos permite disfrutar de visitas muy temprano de los sitios mayas.

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    • Salidas garantizadas cualquier día de la semana con al menos dos personas reservadas
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Día 1

Salida de Cancún o Playa del Carmen hacia TULUM esta antigua ciudad maya fue una de las mas importantes que se hayan construido en la costa y fue un gran puerto de intercambio comercial de los mayan antiguos. Después de esta visita continuaremos a las ruinas mayas de COBA para visitar una de las que en su tiempo fuera la ciudad mas grande y con mayor población en la península de Yucatán; durante el tiempo libre podrán escalar la pirámide mas alta de  la península, el Nojoch Mul con 42 más de altura. Nuestro día termina en CHICHEN ITZA para check in en el hotel y opcional (NO INCLUIDO) show de Luz y Sonido en el sitio. Pernocta


Día 2

Comenzaremos el día con una visita temprano por la mañana a una de las Nuevas 7 Maravillas del Mundo, la gran CHICHEN ITZA,  su nombre significa “En la boca Del Pozo de los brujos del agua”. Visitaremos sus mas importantes edificios y conoceremos mas de esta fascinante civilización y de sus grandes avances en la arquitectura y astronomía. Al terminar la visita continuaremos hacia UXMAL para check in en el hotel  y opcional (NO INCLUIDO) show de Luz y Sonido en el sitio. Pernocta


Día 3

Visitaremos temprano por la mañana dos de las mas hermosas ciudades mayas dentro de la llamada “Ruta Puuc”, UXMAL con su extraordinaria arquitectura y estilo de decoración, sin duda la belleza de este sitio le dejará si. palabras. Continuamos hacia KABAH con su extensa decoración en la cual los antiguos mayas veneraban de gran forma al dios de la lluvia Chaac, el arco e Kabah es espectacular. Continuaremos a MÉRIDA para check in en el hotel y tarde libre. Pernocta.


Día 4

Visita de ciudad en MÉRIDA, capital del estado de Yucatán, visitaremos el centro histórico y sus edificios mas representativos, así como una visita panorámica de sus calles y lugares mas conocidos. Continuaremos el viaje hacia IZAMAL hermosa ciudad colonial donde el tiempo parece haberse detenido. El antiguo convento de San Antonio de Padua de esta ciudad tiene el segundo atrio más grande del mundo después de la Basílica de San Pedro en el Vaticano. Continuación hacia CANCÚN o PLAYA DEL CARMEN para dejada en su hotel. Fin de los servicios.

Well-guided and a Fun Day Our private tour was guided by Pepe' and driven by Benny--top notch team for sure! Pepe' was knowledgeable and thoughtful about how to best use our time, manage crowds and traffic and chose a great restaurant that was not a "bus stop tour buffet." I highly recommend this tour--and if you're comparing cost of private tours to group, be sure you do the math. For our family of five, it was almost the same cost for a private tour as it would have been on a larger group tour.
Josh J
Josh J
Guide and driver to Akumal Our guide, Manuel, provided us with a great education about Mexico in general and the area of Cancun and Akumal, along with two wonderful restaurant recommendations and introduced us to our guide in Akumal for a swim with the turtles. Our driver, Jose, was smooth and efficient. Could not have been a better choice.
Mike L
Mike L
2,000 Kilometers in the Yucatán Three of us spent five days in a Ford Transit with a super knowledgeable guide and his sidekick partner who made sure we were taken care of. We experienced eight Mayan sites, swam in pools of waterfalls,enjoyed a UNESCO colonial city and the largest city in the Yucatán. Manual new the history of each site, explained the culture, the importance of the weather and the positions of heavenly bodies of the maya. On site, when Manny got out of the van, he became animated turning out facts on the pyramids, explaining the stelae figures better than a tour book. Ruben made sure our van was cool and close for pickup after touring the site. Ruben also invited to try the various fruit juices of the Yucatán: Guanábana, Jamica and Tamarindo. They also explained the popular dishes of the Yucatán.
Tulum Tour We had a private half day tour (family of 10) with Jose and Pepe! They were awesome! Jose was a great driver and Pepe was VERY knowledgeable and funny! We were very entertained the whole excursion!
Laura R
Laura R
Exactly what we were looking for This adventure delivered exactly what we wanted: five days hitting major and smaller Mayan archeological sites with timing and restaurant options catered exactly to our desires. A small group tour turned out to be a private tour with Abram, a university educated historian from Merida. Abram spoke perfect English, but he indulged me as a Spanish student, he made me feel secure about my only passable Spanish. Part of the trip is in remote areas I would not go without a guide Be ready for a long ride, but I am glad Ruben and Abram were driving and not me. They drove confidently with purpose on challenging roads, but we always felt safe as they minimized the bumpiness of Chiapas and Campeche roads. (The roads of Quintana Roo and Yucatán are better.) Abram was half my age, but he felt like mentor and teacher, while Ruben felt like family taking care of us at every turn. With all lodging and transportation included, I think this is a great way to see all the Mayan areas in Mexico in one comfortable trip. Bonus: I found the evening in the town of Campeche to be the most unexpected highlights of the trip. Merida has hustle, bustle, more events and international restaurants, but Campeche has tranquility, good food, a clear Mestizo identity, and a wonderful boardwalk. Don’t miss the sunset.
John M
John M
Unforgettable tour of Mexico Since our tour operator let us sit completely (FTI) we have searched for an alternative to still have the opportunity to visit the Mayan sites.Mayan Tours actually made it possible to organize the tour as a small group of only 3 people.Our tour guide had absolutely great knowledge about the Mayan sites and has always had an answer to all questions. There were really wonderful 2 days that you can only recommend with this event. Because there is the whole price / performance relationship. We thank Pepe for his perfect support and Abraham for the perfect execution of the tour. Organizer has the predicate highly recommended !!!
Daniel P.
Daniel P.
Excellent tour The tour was impeccably organised and our driver/guide (Abraham) was very knowledgeable and a great guy. Pick up was on time and the minibus was clean and airy, which was good as there is a lot of travelling on both days. Merida is an interesting city and the sites at Uxmal and Chichen Itza simply incredible. The lunches provided were good but note you have to pay for your own dinner on day 1 and breakfast on day 2
Terry C
Terry C


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